43/51 – South Dakota


James Mazzeo’s Limited Edition GREENDALE UNITED STATES BOOK SERIES is a total of 51 First Edition Hardcover Greendale books hand signed by Neil Young and James Mazzeo.

Each book has been handpainted by Mazzeo and named for a State of the Union, with #51 being named for the District of Columbia-Washington DC.

Each book contains 5 different Mazzeo original acrylic paintings, making each book truly a one of a kind. It took Mazzeo over four years to complete this unique series of rare first edition Hardcover books and each book comes fully protected in a Museum Quality Clamshell case. Over the past 15 years Twenty-one States have been sold to Collectors and Collections around the world.

Only 30 States in this series remain and currently are being sold for $7,700 each.

Enjoy examining them and the unique Artworks they each contain, and to those of you fortunate enough to obtain one of these rarities… Congratulations!

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